“Bringing out the best in people”

“Bringing out the best in people”

About Us

C Solutions International Limited (CSI) was established in 2007. We are a team of seasoned consultants with strong management experience at multinational corporations and passionate in bringing out the best in people.

In the past 10 years, we helped our clients in

  • Building up leadership capabilities through heightened self awareness, adapting leadership styles and improving relationship
  • Strengthening team cohesiveness and effectiveness by viewing from others’ perspectives
  • Identifying their strengths and interests in making right career decisions

We work with world-class partner companies from around the world. The knowledge and capability we have gained with each, helps our customers make the most of their experience with CSI.


To be valued as trusted partners and loved by best clients and stakeholders.


To help our clients bring out the best in people to achieve organizational results and a healthier and more meaningful work life.

We accomplish this by fostering a deeper self-awareness, ongoing development, new insights and perspectives, more informed decisions about work and life, and sustainable behavioral changes.


  • Integrity
  • Passion and Commitment to Clients
  • Targeting Excellence
  • Embracing the New and the Diverse
  • Enjoying our work and leading a balanced life
  • Stewardship


Our focus is “Bringing out the Best in People”.

We start with Individual Effectiveness… then to Team Effectiveness… then to Organization Effectiveness

Embedded in this general approach is a focus on:

  1. Building Self Awareness – the starting point for success is having an accurate, authentic understanding of who you are. When the picture is clear, this allows you to start…
  2. Improving Self Management – choosing how to manage yourself relative to situations and circumstances that you may find yourself in. No one person is going to possess the right mix of strengths and capabilities to match every opportunity. Your success is linked to your ability to adapt. This allows you to begin…
  3. Managing Relationships – adjust your approach to people. Everything is about relationships and how you manage your associations with others. This is a key factor in determining your personal and professional success and prepares you to start…
  4. Taking Leadership Action – no matter what your action, the process remains the same. Addressing the needs of the people and bringing out their best, will optimize the performance of each individual, team, and the organization!

Our Clients

Our clients are primarily multinational corporations from diverse industries, such as:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Information & Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Publishing
  • Professional
  • Government
  • Universities and Higher Education Institutes; and
  • Individual clients

Our Solutions

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Team Development
  • Career Services
    • Individual Career Advices
    • Corporate Career Services

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

Continuous improvement is a critical and ongoing focus for any competent leader. Whether a first-time manager or an experienced global Chairman, CSI can create a solution that will address the unique challenges facing leaders today.

Our Services…
Leader coaching for individuals and groups
Leadership Assessment & Development
Talent Management Solutions
New Manager Assimilation Program
High Potential Development

Team Development

Working together as a team can create powerful results… when everyone is working together well. Each team has unique dynamics, characteristics, and talents. CSI works to optimize the team experience for the individual and the organization.

Our Services…
Team Building Events
Team Development Program
Team Leader Coaching

Career Services

Individual Career Advices

You are the CEO of your own career. Are you leveraging all of your assets to maximize your potential? Are you focused on the activities and areas that interest you most? Too often, people rely on others to help make sure that their career is progressing – they later wake up to discover they are in an area that does not fit with their goals. At CSI, we work with you to help identify your interests and develop your plans.

Our Services…
Assessment and Interest Profiles
Occupational Reviews
Career Coaching and Planning
Graduates Job Search Advisory

Corporate Career Services

We partner you when force reductions are necessary…

Lasting impressions make a difference on the Employment Brand and Customer Brand. Taking care of your employees as they leave the organization is a great opportunity to create goodwill in a difficult time. At CSI, we specialize in helping people find their strengths and new career goals.

We leverage a “Rapid Redeployment” approach which helps people quickly get back into the workplace. CSI offers a unique virtual experience combined with personal interaction based on the needs of your people.

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